John M Buteyn is an audio engineer, musician, and sound artist presently focusing his attention on his production, mixing and mastering business in western Tennessee.  He currently resides in western Tennessee where he holds the position of Instructor of Music Production and Recording Arts at Bethel University.  At Bethel, Buteyn is responsible for all music production and recording arts courses, Avid User Certification courses, the chamber ensemble in technology, and the management of the recording studios.

John M Buteyn received his Master of Music in Music Technology from Georgia Southern University where he studied music technology, composition, and media arts with Dr. John Thompson.  Buteyn also holds Bachelor degrees in Music and Business Administration from Houghton College where he was mentored by Kevin Jackson in Recording Arts.

Buteyn has presented work at concerts and symposiums including the Studio 300 Digital Art and Music Festival at Transylvania University, and the Phi Kappa Phi Research Symposium at Georgia Southern University. His performing music and engineering projects cover genres such as classical, folk, rock, pop and country, including artists The Afternoon Edition, Tough Old BirdBill John Newbrough, Mike Zale, Jesse Sprinkle, Pocket Vinyl, Mozart Festival Opera, and Micah Kephart.

In addition to many album credits, Buteyn has a number of television/film credits including music featured on the theatrical trailer “Gimme Shelter” (Day Twenty-Eight Films; Rishon Films).  He is proud to be affiliated with Avid, Audio Engineering Society (AES), Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS), and Pi Kappa Lambda.